Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dear Self - Don't get ahead of me.

My day job is customer service, and it is taxing, to say the least. (I am convinced that if everyone spent a year in a customer service position, there would be far fewer rude and unreasonable customers.) While the day job often leaves me feeling drained, I find that I always get a little thrill and inspiration from working on the shop or trading ideas for the shop with Mungo. So, of course, I tend to daydream about the possibility of the shop becoming successful enough for me to quit my day job.

Last week's increased success seems to be spreading into this week (knock on wood), so that fuels more daydreams about making the shop my full-time job. I just bought a postal scale (which will become necessary if we're going to have more bulk orders) and am planning to buy a printer (to decrease visits to the post office). While I'm home today with a sick Monkeyboi, I'm searching Etsy's printable stationery offerings for good contenders for my new "Thank You" cards (almost out of my fantastic Shag cards) and reading the "Quit Your Day Job" features from The Storque and daydreaming some more.

The thing that discourages me is that the "Quit Your Day Job" stories I read all have elements that I don't have in my own life. Either they already have a successful business that they've brought to Etsy or they have a working partner to support them or a large savings to fall back on. I'm a single mom with no college degree and no real savings to speak of. I am very fortunate that I have my friend Mungo, who originated the idea for the shop, keeps me in stock and is always encouraging, but he has a partner and a young girl to support.

It can all be a bit overwhelming to think about, but then I get some rah-rah cheerleading from my great friend Amanjo or some happy, glowing feedback from customers, and I am encouraged and inspired all over again. I am reminded that success does not come overnight and that I should temper my daydreams with practicality, patience and perseverance.

If anyone has an inspiring story of a single mom who made a success of this internet commerce thing, I'd love for you to share it.


  1. I don't have stories off the top of my head. But I want to encourage you to keep your head up and aiming for your goals!

    Side note - I nominated you for awards on my blog.

  2. Thank you so much. Your comment and the awards are very touching. Thanks for giving me a smile.

  3. I just have to say your first statement about customer service could not be more true! I know your pain :P. As far as "quitting your day job" keep up the good work!...i find the problem with this sort of thin (for myself) is keeping that fire lit (you know where) ;)

  4. Thanks, mandi! I know what you mean about the fire-lighting. Though, fortunately for me, I find I'm just as easily encouraged as I am discouraged (at least in terms of the shop), so each sale keeps me going.

    (Now if only I had more energy each night after the day job.)