Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Who's Minding the Store?

Two entries and barely an introduction. What kind of hostess am I? So here are some of the faces behind The Marlowe Co.

First, the helper monkeys kitties.

Meet Lucy. Lucy likes to protect me by creating a safety buffer between me and the computer keyboard. She also likes to taste my food to make sure I am not being poisoned. She's so thoughtful.

This is S.L., short for Spotted Leaf. She takes her job as a lap-warmer very seriously. She alerts me to potential disasters - say, if it's been more than five minutes since she was last pet - by standing up on her hind legs and tapping me on the hip. A jill of all trades, she also doubles as comic relief.

I present Her Royal Highness, Coraline. Please bow upon entering her presence and do not speak unless spoken to. Though a right regal ruler, Coraline never shirks her most important duty: keeping the beds warm.

Now, the less important humans.

Known by many names - Monkey, the Monk, Monkito, bubbeleh, The Boy, Feeder of the Cats - this is the Monkeyboi, my cohort, co-conspirator and co-spawn. A budding artist and a connoisseur of fine video games, he's the reason I go from point A to point B every day.

Mungo: designer, maker, professional breaker of things, the other half of the Monkeyboi Creation Team and my oldest, dearest friend. Aside from coming up with great ideas, he also keeps my laughing and encouraged.

And me. The shirt says it all.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

You Should See...

Every so often, I will be posting items from Etsy that strike me in some way or other. Things I don't end up putting on my favorites list, but things I feel should be shared just the same.

Shy Tree Spirits

From almapottery, these little guys are just beguiling. I want to put one of these little sweeties on my window ledge, but I'm sure my cats would murder it in a matter of days.

Silver Rabbit Charm

This lovely bunny is from pinksupply, and it makes me think of one of my favorite books of childhood, Rabbit Hill.

The Whimsical Art of Hidden Eloise

This is just one of many beautiful illustrations at HidenSeek. They all have a little bit of magic in them.

Three Graces Cameo

From labellesavage, this necklace puts me in mind of the Paris sections of the HBO John Adams miniseries, which I have been watching obsessively. I can picture this around the neck of Abigail Adams as she attends an opera in Paris.

What Etsy items strike you as too good to keep secret?

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Brave New World

Has it really only been a week since the Etsy shop went live? And I've already had my first sale (thanks, missneptune!). It's exhilarating and not a little scary.

When Mungo posed this idea, I was excited - I had wanted to start a shop on Etsy but had no idea what to sell - and now the ideas don't want to stop flowing. Of course, having the funds/materials to follow through on all these ideas is another story, but...

Anyway, thanks for reading and joining me on this new (for me) frontier.