Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tour de Cure 2009 and Silliness

Wow, I just fell right off the blogging bandwagon, didn't I? Sorry, the "real" job got in the way.

My best friend and shop partner, Mungo, will be riding in this years Tour de Cure in benefit of the American Diabetes Association. He, of course, can use all the support he can get. Please visit his ride page.

Had a silly, possibly genius idea earlier today. I am a fan of a British sketch comedy duo Armstrong and Miller. As in any sketch comedy show, they use a lot of wigs and false moustaches for different characters, so in a semi-promotional-but-more-just-a-fan-sucking-up gesture, I'm thinking about sending them a pair of the moustache pendants. What a pair of grown-ass men are going to do with fake, plastic moustaches, I don't know. (Mungo's answer: Whatever They Want.)

In vaguely related non-news, it was my 36th birthday this past Friday, and one of the most spectacular things to happen was being the 36th person "followed" by Ben Miller, of the aforementioned Armstrong and Miller, on Twitter. This has nothing at all to do with the shop, of course, but it thrills me to no end as this wasn't just a courtesy follow (a you add me/I'll add you deal) but a follow in response to a comment I'd made on something he posted. You can see me right there at the top of his "Following" list, right next to Graham Linehan. So exciting!