Sunday, July 5, 2009

Do Something

So pleased to finally have these resistor pendants in the shop. They look great (I often wear a black one as a drop pendant) and can convey a message of "I am a geek", "I am an activist" or "I am a geek activist."

They fit in with the bulk of my media intake lately. I have quite fallen in love with British comedian Mark Steel who, along with being funny, smart and very sexy, is an activist and a strong proponent of the belief that even the person who thinks himself most lowly can start a revolution. I'm learning a lot from his writing, his radio programs and his fantastic television series The Mark Steel Lectures (which can be seen on YouTube, as well as being downloadable from his webstie) and finding so much inspiration in his message.

I will soon be in possession of his book Viva la Revolution: A Stand-Up History of the French Revolution and am very excited about it. Learning through humor is my favorite sort of education.

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